About –

I’m Eric. I live in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. I am a web developer primarily working with Laravel and WordPress. Things I’m going to write about are outlined below…


I learned the basics (ie. exposure triangle) back in high school (early 90s) with film. But after HS, I never did any shooting. Then in the early 2000s while traveling I did some shooting of landscape and “travel” photos but just a few times a year. In 2018 I got the T7i in order to record some web videos.

More coming soon…


Here’s the gear I’m currently using or have retired due to upgrade or no longer working.

Camera Canon EOS Rebel T7i (2021~)



Post Processing

I started out using Lightroom. However I found it was unbearably slow after a dozen edits or so. So I switched to Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) + Photoshop. I start all of my edits in ACR. If I need to do some more detailed edits I’ll open the image up in Photoshop and continue there.